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Top 5 iPhone Codes Secret 2023 That Unlock Hidden iPhone Features

Do you know every bit about your iPhone and iPhone Codes Secret 2023? You just think about these features of the iPhone as discussed below in the current post of iPhone Codes Secret 2023. You may read out the below top 5 iPhone Codes Secret 2023 and know that you already knew these iPhone hidden features of 2023.

The camera shortcut and boost iPhone battery features are also included in the current iPhone hidden features. You will be so excited to know these iPhone hidden features that will bring a lot of changes and revolutionize your iPhone. These iPhone Codes Secret 2023 with extra tips will improve your iPhone life and experience. Let’s start to explore the iPhone Codes Secret 2023.

Top 5 iPhone Codes Secret 2023 for users

Below is the list of the top 5 iPhone Codes Secret 2023 That will improve your iPhone life and experience at. When you apply these hidden secrets of the iPhone, you will enjoy your mobile with a fast and long time battery experience. Let’s start to elaborate on the iPhone Codes Secret 2023.

iPhone signal secret:

When you found occasional issues with your iPhone, no matter which iPhone model, these iPhone Codes Secret 2023 will imply to all iPhone models easily. You may have weak signals while a call and disturbance occurred during the call. The iPhone’s little ball of signals provides you with an approved indicator of strong signals and you will not do hanging your bedroom’s window to catch the signals. To keep your iPhone signal strong follow the first top iPhone Codes Secret 2023.

Top 5 iPhone Codes Secret 2023 That Unlock Hidden iPhone Features
Top 5 iPhone Codes Secret 2023 That Unlock Hidden iPhone Features
  • Open your iPhone dialer and dial the secret code of *3001#12345#*. This will launch the iPhone field mode which is a developer tool.
  • Hold down your power button and leave when the power pop-up opens or slides to power off.
  • Now, hold your iPhone home button until the screen appears. In the Google screen, your signals wi also be appeared. If the signal score is 50 and above 50, your signal strength is OK, and can enjoy your HD streaming. It is better to dial the iPhone secret code where your signal is so weak. Set the number of the signals and enjoy it in your room.
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Find iPhone’s IMEI number

You may need your iPhone IMEI number at the time of changing the network or sim, report for stolen iPhone, and keep your iPhone every bit knowledge. At that time you should know your IMEI number. This will be possible when you know the method of knowing having a safe place. Today, we will tell you the method and resting to save is depend on you. Let’s see the secret code to know the iPhone IMEI number.

  • Again open the iPhone dialer and dial *#06# and press the dial button.
  • You we’ll see your IMEI number on your mobile phone.
  • Note your iPhone IMEI number at the safest place.

Quickly turn on the call waiting feature

When you are on a call, and another call happens during the call and you don’t want to keep hold of the first person, you should be on the call waiting feature on your iPhone. In this way, the second call will be able to receive and knowing about your business.

  • Dial *43# from iPhone.
  • It will automatically activate the waiting call feature of your iPhone.
  • When you want to disable the function again dial the same number which will deactivate the waiting call feature.

Hide your numbers from snoopers

When you dial the number of someones presently that you don’t want to know the number, you may have the option to hide the number of the person. Simply, put #31# before any cell number and the dialing number digits will be hidden and won’t show on the iPhone screen.

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Dodge unwanted calls

There are many times in a day when you don’t want to pick up and listen to the call from someone. Whatever the situation but you can dodge unwanted calls from your iPhone. Simply, dial *#21# to activate the service. It will activate the service message that he or she may record and you may listen later when got free.


You have read out about the top 5 iPhone Codes Secret 2023 that you can adopt in your iPhone to meet some situations. The secret will fully function your iPhone and time to take some rest. Hope you will like and share the information.

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