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Is Vivo Y21 a good phone? Price and specifications 2023

Vivo Y21 phone is good touchscreen display mobile with a wide screen. Vivo 21 phone has great characteristics and superiority over other phones. It has a display screen with a resolution of 720 and 1600 pixels overall. The processor of the Vivo Y21 phone is an octa-core MediaTek helio p35. The Vivo Y21 phone comes with a total of 4 GB RAM with a capacity of runs android 11 OS. It has a battery of 500mAh for 8 hours of uptime.

The shape of the phone is very amazing and distinguished from the previous versions of mobile phones. It is very stable for people and students to keep in their pockets. Its style and design are very likable by the Vivo 21 phone users and demand in the market is very high.

Is Vivo Y21 a good phone to buy?

The Vivo Y21 phone is a very good phone if you compare it to the other available models in the mobile market. Only its camera is not so good to take pictures in HD and high resolutions along with videos also. And everything except the camera is awesome in the Vivo 21 smartphone. Its built-in touchscreen is 4.5″ with a display resolution of 854 by 480 pixels.

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How much is the Vivo Y21 price in India currently?

As the Vivo 21 smartphone is very good and has high demand in the mobile market. Vivo 21 has a current price in India of Rs. 6,999. If the demand remains constant and in economic situations, its prices may be more increase from the next year starting 2023. If you like the mobile phone and want to buy it, do sharp to go the shops before their prices go up.

Is Vivo Y21 a good phone? Price and specifications 2023
Is Vivo Y21 a good phone? Price and specifications 2023

How much is Vivo Y21 price in Nigeria?

Vivo Y21 is not specified in one country due to its design and shape. Its demand in Nigeria is also high due to low prices with huge functions with the latest technology. The price in Nigeria is 129, 000 naira which is available in the market to buy at any time.

How much is Vivo v21in Pakistan?

The price in Pakistan of the Vivo Y21 smartphone is Rs. 44,000. Pakistan’s mobile market is so cautious in mobile trends and the Vivo trend is running nowadays. Everyone wants to buy and purchase a smartphone because of its price and specifications.

Vivo Y21 Smartphone Price and Specifications

Vivo Y21 price as told above is 44,000 with a single variant of 4GB RAM and with a storage of 64GB. Vivo 21 has amazing specifications compared to the price. It launched with many different colors and options. It comes in a diamond glow and night blue color. The users like the diamond color most.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vivo Y21

Is Vivo V21 have 5G Gorilla Glass?

Yes Vivo Y21 smartphone has the gorilla class and 5g network as well.

Which is better smartphone oppo or Vivo?

Both mobiles have more advantages and features in usage. But the new model from Vivo named Vivo 21 is better than the oppo smartphone.

Is Vivo a Chinese Mobile company?

Yes, Vivo is the Chinese technology company that develops smartphones, accessories and software.

Is Vivo a good smartphone brand?

Vivo has dramatically changed innovations in their mobiles from the year 2018. As they improved their quality, their demand increased as a good brand in smartphones.

What smartphone is the best in the world?

The best smartphone in the world is the Apple iPhone models 12, 13, and 14 including one plus 9 pro, Samsungs model S21 are also the best worldwide smartphone to keep.

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Is Vivo Y21 a waterproof smartphone?

It is not a waterproof smartphone and always keep far away from water for safety.

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