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How Many Cryptocurrencies Are There? Best Understanding the Different Types of Cryptocurrency 2023

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is developing from country to country. You will be able to know the different Types of Cryptocurrency. You will know every bit of detail about cryptocurrency and its Types of Cryptocurrency.

As crypto was started in 2009 with the launch of Bitcoin. People started to adopt the Bitcoin currency in their online matters. There is no opponent in the digital market against Bitcoin. The newly launched concept of the crypto realm and enjoy in the market because of no opponent.

How Many Cryptocurrencies Are There? Understanding the Different Types of Cryptocurrency
How Many Cryptocurrencies Are There? Understanding the Different Types of Cryptocurrency

When the digital currency concept flourished and people adopted the currency for their online monetary actions, other cryptocurrencies also started to launch in the year 2011 into market. The race of crypto development started from that time to till and now you can see many cryptocurrencies in the market that have a huge trend for adoption for online buying and selling their products.

How Many types of Cryptocurrency Are There in 2023?

You don’t really know that there are tens of millions of Types of Cryptocurrency available on the earth many popular cryptocurrencies you may know in the market. Every currency is designed to produce new functions and some distinct attributes. But all and most of these cryptocurrencies are based on the first one crypto Bitcoin. Below are some characteristics of cryptocurrency that should have for digital currency purposes.

  1. As with other currencies, cryptocurrency should also be issued, backed by the regulated authority for the establishment of the monetary system.
  2. Cryptocurrency should be decentralized and decentralized from the authorities.
  3. The system that is used to create should be peer-to-peer p2p with a distributed ledger or blockchain.
  4. It should be encrypted differently from cryptography.
  5. Till November 2022, there are a total of 21,844 cryptocurrencies are available.
  6. Only 9, 314 cryptocurrencies are active, and the remaining are dead.
  7. If you see the users, more than 300 million users are across the world.
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Some more important facts about types of cryptocurrency

  • There are a total of 21844 cryptocurrencies available till November 2022 worldwide.
  • An $830 billion market capitalization is included by cryptocurrencies.
  • 24 hours trending capital of these cryptocurrencies is measured as $55 volume.
  • Bitcoin the first and highest crypto has a $300 billion market capital and its rival in the market is Ethereum crypto.

The different cryptocurrencies and types of cryptocurrency are developed in years as shown below table till November 2022.

Sr#Month and YearNumber of Cryptocurrencies
1April, 20137 Cryptos
2January, 201467 Cryptos
3January, 2015501 Cryptos
4January, 2016572 Cryptos
5January, 2017636 Cryptos
6January, 20181,359 Cryptos
7January, 20192,086 Cryptos
8January, 20202,403 Cryptos
9January, 20214,154 Cryptos
10January, 20228,714 Cryptos
11November, 20229,314 Cryptos

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